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Balabanoff Fund

Kharkiv and Poland

Kharkiv and Poland

We began our fundraiser a few weeks ago in order to raise money for Ukrainian people in need.

We had two different but yet  significant ways of putting our funds in action. The first one is in our hometown - Kharkiv for numerous families that lost everything because of the war. And the second one in Poland, where the most refugees get after fleeing Ukraine.

My friend is there and helped with everything on this important matter. Because of your donations we were able to buy full boxes of essential first-need hygienic staff for Ukrainian camps at the Polish border.

And we also filled up several tanks of fuel so that the family of our employee could travel 1200 miles across Ukraine and Poland from the border with Russia to the border with Germany. There was a long-awaited family reunion.

We are not folding our hands, we will continue with our and your support - we are really strong. We will show our own way of resistance and fighting hate and devastation. Thank you very much for your continuing support and care!

 Stay safe. And Slava Ukraini.