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Balabanoff Fund

Medicines for Leukemia

Medicines for Leukemia

The first thing we did as a help was to buy a pack of medicines for Leukemia.

This is a vital medicine, critically needed to maintain the health and life of the sick.

The person who needs them was forced to move to a small town, hiding from the war in Kharkiv. And in small villages and towns there are simply no such medicines in the pharmacy. This is a very specific one.

By the way during the war there is no salary more. 1 pack of such drugs costs more than 100 US dollars. Therefore, we were able to purchase the last pack of this medicine in another big city (and then only in the 5th pharmacy net in a row). Next, we will decide how to pass it on to the needy. But the main task has already been completed. With your help!