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Case Study

Ender 22

Ender 22

Not so long ago we received a very interesting and unusual order from Germany to our Balabanoff Leather workshop. We have never done anything like this before, but, as always, we were ready to take on a new challenge and try out our skills.

Our task was to create a shoulder strap for a shotgun for the customer's brand – Ender 22. It was a Private Label project.

At first, we had to figure out the patterns and make modeling in order to understand if we can create such a strap in our workshop. After a thorough studying of all the aspects, we realized that we can really do it. This is how the process of manufacturing ws launched.

We took into account all the requests made by the client, but at the same time we introduced our own innovations and our vision of this development, participating in the entire process from the beginning and to the end.

 The main material is a water-resistant loden (fleecy fabric, which is often used for the outerwear, mainly for the military overcoats) in moss color with deer, embroidered on it. Suede lining, Italian vegetable-tanned thick belting leather and solid brass rivets.
The embossing of the customer's brand logo was made with a hot stamping, which we created separately and specifically for the customer by his design.

More than 10 deer embroidery designs had been developed before we finally chose the right shade of the thread and improved every single detail of the deer’s figure. Its tail, the length of the legs, dense multi-layer embroidery of the torso and at the same time the delicate and precise look of the horns.

The whole structure was assembled on a multi-layer reinforcement material and a high-quality edging tape for the solidity. After all, the belt must be of the high durability and "endurance" in order to hold the weight of the gun.