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Case Study



We would like to tell you about a special, custom order that we made for Berch company.

The order included our basic model of a long zip wallet that holds banknotes of any currency in the world. It has a central coin compartment and slots for cards on both sides. But we replaced the coin compartment for the banknote one and added more card slots at the request of the client. The wallet is incredibly capacious and at the same time it surprises with a stunning slim profile. Additionally, your smartphone will fit perfectly into the central compartment instead of the coin one.

The main challenge for us was a product that had not yet appeared in our permanent catalogue on the website. Although, it has long been in our ideas and developments - a leather case for Apple AirPods 2.

In order to create it, you need to have a matrix for 3D molding, try out the wet molding technique, choose a design and, ultimately, make a great product. We made all of those steps to make this case.

We achieved the desired result with the help of manual work, water and special forms.

Of course, all the process was done by hand from the beginning to the final finish. We always use the highest quality materials in our orders. In this case particularly, one of the best and most expensive leathers of Ukrainian origin was applied. Which in terms of its parameters and standards is not inferior to most of the Italian samples. It has it all - vegetable-tan, indescribable tactile sensation and smell.

The seam was finished in French style with natural linen threads. The edges were refined with the thermal paint. The final touch was Berch brand logo, applied by laser.

It's always a pleasure for us to collaborate with new brands, which know what they want and also share our vision for leather designs.